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The Monthly Journal for Venture Partners and Enterprise Software Executives
February 2006
In This Issue
Venture Profile: Todd Pietri, Milestone Venture Partners
CEO Spotlight: Jeffrey Green, DATATRAK International, Inc.
You Vote: Are sales executives overpaid or underpaid?
Silicon Valley CEO Failure: 7 Lessons for 2006
When Best Practices Aren't Good Enough
Software M&A -- A Look at the Year Ahead
Executive Job Listings
Software Sales Jobs
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Venture Profile: Todd Pietri, Milestone Venture Partners
By Angel Mehta, Managing Director, Sterling-Hoffman Executive Search
Venture capital investors like Todd Pietri have no choice but to become experts in the art of the start-up. But ever wonder how start-up investors start up? Launching a venture fund comes with all the challenges that regular entrepreneurs face. Todd Pietri, Founding Partner of Milestone Venture Partners, chats with Angel Mehta, Managing Director of Sterling-Hoffman about getting started in the venture business, and why 'being impatient for profits' can still go hand in hand with aggressive growth.
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CEO Spotlight: Jeffrey Green, DATATRAK International, Inc.
By Angel Mehta, Managing Director, Sterling-Hoffman Executive Search
The biggest problem with drug companies is that despite being on the cutting edge of science, most of them are in the stone age when it comes to managing their own business. Both investors and desperate patients are getting hurt in the process. Enter enterprise software vendor DATATRAK, on a mission to help drug companies figure out what the rest of corporate America found out years ago: automation is a good thing. Angel Mehta, Managing Director of Sterling-Hoffman, talks to DATATRAK CEO Jeffrey Green about the crisis in pharmaceutical companies, and what he intends to do about it.
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Generally, are Sales Executives overpaid or underpaid for the value they bring to software companies?

OVERPAID. Sales Executives don't deserve the high salaries and bonuses they get.
UNDERPAID. Sales Executives should be given higher salaries and commissions.

Silicon Valley CEO Failure: Seven CEO Lessons for 2006
By Steve Martin, Author, "The Real Story of Informix Software"
Silicon Valley is littered with far more failure than success. At first glance, you wouldn't think former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and ex-Informix Software CEO Phil White have much in common. However, there are striking similarities between these infamous Silicon Valley leaders and their failures provide seven important lessons for software CEOs for the new year.
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When Best Practices Aren't Good Enough
By Kay Hammer, Founder, Evolutionary Technologies International, Inc.
To the average person, it seems like gross negligence that FEMA can't figure out how to route ice to the site of a hurricane when the navigational system in a rental car can adapt in real-time when a driver takes a wrong turn. Yet it is important to notice that the most dramatic breakthroughs in software over the past decade - e.g., Google or GPS technology - have not taken place in traditional IT shops, despite the fact that there are pressing needs like Homeland Security and SOX compliance that would constitute a huge market for new solutions.
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Software M&A -- A Look at the Year Ahead
By Ken Bender and Allen Cinzori, Software Equity Group, L.L.C.
Can you feel the ground shaking beneath your feet? According to the industry pundits and prognosticators, the tsunami is almost upon us. It began two years ago as just another wave, the latest in an endless succession of new software industry waves. We called it application service provider then, but it grew in size and intensity to become software as a service (SaaS) and it threatens to become a tsunami. Yet the staunchest software ships are confident they can ride it. VCs and other private equity investors insist upon it. Industry pundits thrill to it. The Street loves it.
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Executive Job Listings
9739K - Chief Executive Officer Bay Area
A mid-stage enterprise applications provider with top-of-the-line reference able customers and several million dollars in revenue traction seeks a CEO to guide a professional management team and accelerate company's market development efforts. Candidates must have exposure to multiple functions within enterprise solutions and a strong enterprise sales background, specifically, a winning track record in securing significant deals on behalf of growing companies that are competing against more established category leaders.

9722J - VP Global Sales West Coast/Northwest
A leader in customized online information management requires a VP Global Sales to oversee and develop the sales organization, currently with a presence in the US and Europe. Through the initial milestones, our client requires an executive with experience in building upon a strong foundation as the company seeks to grow from under $5m to over $20m in revenue. The ideal candidate will have a minimum 5 years' executive management experience, preferably in content management, business intelligence and analytics solutions. Candidate must be willing to relocate and travel extensively.

9127M - VP OEM Sales Boston, MA
An early stage Content Management software solutions provider is looking to appoint a high-performance VP of OEM Sales with an extensive background in bringing enterprise solutions to market via ISV partners. Candidates with a majority of their experience driving business via non-ISV OEM channels will not be considered.

9765J - VP America Sales Southeast
An established vendor of PLM solutions requires a VP America Sales to manage and improve an expanding sales and services organization. The ideal candidate will have experience managing a revenue base of over $30m, and have a rolodex in the automotive, semiconductor, manufacturing & production industries. A background selling PLM, ERP, SCM or procurement solutions is preferred.

9834K - VP Marketing Boston, MA
Our client is a rapidly growing enterprise applications software firm in need of seasoned Vice President of Marketing who will be responsible for strategy development in new vertical markets, specifically Life Sciences and oil & gas. Candidate must have at least 10 years of executive level marketing experience and at least one successful tenure at a leading ISV such as: Documentum, Siebel, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, etc.

To apply for any of the above openings, please send one email to jobs@sterlinghoffman.com. Please include full job titles.

Note: We appreciate all submissions, but only qualified executives will be contacted. All senior sales executives are encouraged to post resumes on www.SoftwareSalesJobs.com

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