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The Monthly Journal for Venture Partners and Enterprise Software Executives
June 2007
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What’s a Minute Worth?
Choking on Your Own Success
You Vote:Will Google's web-based office applications overtake Microsoft?
Recommended ­Sales Training Firms
Love ’em or Lose ’em: Retaining Talented Employees
Software M&A: Deals Heat Up
Software Sales Jobs
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What’s a Minute Worth?
By Ann Hamann, Vice President of Marketing, PeopleCube
ROI is one of the most popular metrics that can be used to measure the financial attractiveness of a business investment, but calculating an accurate figure is not easy. Yet, when it comes to scheduling applications, the return is quite clear, as they help businesses get more done in less time and with fewer resources. From simple room booking to facility management, the result is a more productive business environment creating more time to devote to important business activities.
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Choking on Your Own Success
By Brian Turchin, Founder and President, Cape Horn Strategies, Inc.
Success unleashes its own critical leadership challenges. Unless you deal with them, failure can follow. Here is how you can tame three such beasts. Business success can be fleeting. One day, it’s champagne and caviar and the next it’s a Big Mac. It’s like success pushes you through the proverbial looking-glass into a new world, where you discover, much to your surprise, that what worked before, no longer works now. Learn more about some common leadership problems.
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Will web-based office applications from Google ever become as popular as Microsoft's applications in the corporate world?

Yes: Eventually, web-based office applications from Google will catch up to Microsoft and be common in the business world.
No: Microsoft Office is too well entrenched and Google will never catch up.

Recommended Sales Training Firms
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Love ’em or Lose ’em: Retaining Talented Employees
By Maynard Brusman, Founding Principal, Working Resources
Even in a slower economy, attracting and keeping top talent is a serious concern for corporations. The problem is exacerbated by a growing propensity for people to change jobs frequently. After 20 years of downsizing, it is ironic that corporations are now concerned about losing employees. The problem is one of getting qualified and talented people into the right jobs and keeping them there. Dr. Maynard Brusman talks about how to retain talented and valuable employees for the company.
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Software M&A: Deals Heat Up
By Ken Bender, Managing Director and David Legacki, Associate, Software Equity Group, L.L.C
M&A Deal activity within the software sector continues its torrid pace. Deals highlighted this month include Battery Ventures’ private equity buyout of Quovadx in the SOA software and services category; Business Objects’ acquisition of Inxight, a high flying unstructured data access and analysis developer; DealerTrak’s acquisition of Arkona within the automotive vertical; Invensys’ acquisition of Cimnet within the manufacturing veritcal; Oracle’s continued acquisition spree, this time its Agile Software in the PLM category; and Pearson’s acquisition of eCollege within the education software vertical.
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