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CEO Spotlight: Israel Mazin, OpTier  

By The Sterling Report

Knowing that the right teams make a company great, Israel Mazin believes that intelligent and motivated people have limitless potential. The CEO and Chairman of OpTier, a company that provides innovative solutions to link business services to IT, chats with The Sterling Report about what the future holds for OpTier and Business Transaction Management.

The Sterling Report (TSR): What are your thoughts on the developments in the IT sector in the last year? Do you see any advance angle in it?
Israel Mazin (IM): Over the past few years there has been an increasing ‘buzz’ over Business Transaction Management (BTM). In the last year alone, we’ve seen a significant amount of interest in the industry around BTM. This is evidenced by the tremendous amount of customer traction coupled with the increased focus by analyst, media and vendor communities. Some of the factors contributing to the rapid adoption of BTM are increased complexity, speed of the business and the need to align the business with IT. In addition, initiatives such as SOA and virtualization further highlight the need for BTM solutions.

TSR: What are the biggest challenges facing OpTier in the next three to five years?
IM: The BTM market is rapidly gaining momentum. As the market continues to grow at this rate of acceleration, it will be important for OpTier to maintain its alignment with this rapid rate of expansion. This growth plan includes the continued recruitment of the top talent in the industry as well as the strategic expansion of our CoreFirst solution via development, integration and acquisitions. OpTier’s innovation, vision and ability to execute will ensure its continued position as the industry leader.

TSR: Previously to OpTier you had founded, took public and ran Memco Software – a highly successful IT management software company. Was there a steep learning curve for you when you co-founded OpTier?
IM: No, not really. Memco was very successful from its inception, so instead of a steep learning curve it was the challenge of adapting quickly to the huge market demand. I already see a tremendous amount of interest in what we do and I anticipate that OpTier will achieve an even greater level of success than Memco.

TSR: Since founding OpTier, what do you find gives you the greatest day-to-day joy and sense of pride?
IM: I have always been a firm believer that a good idea is the cornerstone of any successful company, but the ‘right team’ is what makes a company great. When I founded OpTier, I set out to assemble the ‘right team’ – the foundation. By putting together an outstanding group of industry veterans, we have been able to conceptualize, develop and deliver a solution that brings tremendous value to organizations. By ensuring that business transactions flow smoothly within IT applications and infrastructure without bottlenecks or outages, we provide an improved end-user experience and a better bottom-line for the business. Essentially, we optimize the IT systems of our customers, to keep ‘their’ customers happy. We set out to make a difference by leading the industry in a new direction. Now, every success is further validation of this plan and another proof point to the positive culture and relentless drive that sets OpTier apart.

TSR: What is it about this industry that evokes the greatest passion in you? What makes you say, “Wow! This is the greatest ever!”
IM: The impact that BTM is making in the market as well as the rapid rate of adoption. This is evidenced by the increased ‘buzz’ among vendor, media and analyst communities as well as the significant amount of customer traction and phenomenal year-to-year results. The rapid and continual adoption of our solution, CoreFirst ® by industry leading organizations is testament to the value and importance of BTM. I believe that BTM is the next step in the evolution of IT management and it will play a critical role in every aspect of IT management.

TSR: How has your experience in the Israel Defense Forces Computer Center helped you in your role as CEO of OpTier?
IM: My experience with the IDFCC provided me the ability to see a horizon beyond the walls where others saw barriers. Nothing is impossible when you can see a bigger picture outside of your current circumstance. The broadness and clarity of vision coupled with the ability to make tough decisions quickly have proven to be important in my role as CEO.

TSR: Can you tell us something that people are surprised to learn about OpTier?
IM: Most people are surprised to learn how young we are as an organization in relation to our rapid and significant success. OpTier has had an unprecedented amount of success and growth in a very short period of time and we continue to see exponential results year-to-year, even in current market conditions, which is further validation of the value and benefit of our solution.

TSR: How do you envision OpTier two years from today?
IM: I believe that in two years, based on our current rate of success, OpTier will continue to lead the way in innovative solutions that shape and transform the industry. The growing demand for managing IT from a business perspective, will further integrate Business Transaction Management in almost every aspect of IT management.

TSR: OpTier is growing quite fast. What are you doing to fuel this growth?
IM: From the beginning, we implemented a very scalable infrastructure to ensure that we could meet the demands of a growing market. As such we are continuously expanding the organization and enhancing our product offering via strategic partnerships, integrations and acquisitions.

TSR: What does the recent Network Products Guide 2008 Product Innovation Award win mean for OpTier moving forward?
IM: The Network Products Guide Product Innovation Award was a great win and further industry validation of the value and importance of BTM and OpTier’s position as an industry leader and innovator.

TSR: What would you like your personal legacy to be as CEO of this company?
IM: I would like my legacy as CEO of OpTier to be reflective of the impact we have on organizations, the IT management space and the industry as a whole.

TSR: How would you describe your leadership style?
IM: High performance. As I’ve mentioned, OpTier was founded on the idea that intelligent, creative and motivated people, given the right environment and tools, have limitless potential. My leadership style closely reflects this tenet. I am a strong believer that nothing is impossible and I see evidence of this every day in the achievements we are realizing both on an organizational level as well as on an industry level.

Israel Mazin is CEO and Chairman of OpTier, developers of software solutions that proactively assure IT transaction service levels for the enterprise. He was a Co-Founder of Memco Software and served as Memco’s CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors from 1990 until the company was acquired by Computer Associates in 1999. Prior to his position at Memco, Israel also served as a Business Development Consultant to several Israeli companies in the high-tech industry. He began his career at the Israel Defense Forces Computer Center where he served in infrastructure systems management. For interview feedback, contact Israel at israel.mazin@optier.com

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