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Top 10 Public Relations Firm - Recommendation Form

ALL fields must be completed. denotes mandatory fields.
1. General Overview
Firm Name:  
CEO or Managing Director:  
Year of Establishment:  
Office Location(s):  
2. Background of the Founders / Managing Director:
3. Describe your Firm's focus and area of speciality:
4. Name 5 *active* clients representing enterprise software companies and/or
    software venture capital investors:
5. Give 3 reasons why software companies or software venture capital firms should
    become your clients:
6. Provide at least two references from software industry marketing executives, CEOs,
    or investors, verifying the quality of your services (if it's on your website, please
    provide the link to endorsements/testimonials page):
7. Hosting Confirmation:
Yes, I would like to recommend my Firm for the Top 10. I promise to pay the minimum
      hosting fee of $179.50 / month, February - December, 2007 (payable in
      advance via credit card) once I get confirmation that my Firm has made it to the Top 10
      Note: There is no fee for recommending your firm to the Top 10.

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