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Netronome Raises $20 Million in Series C Funding

3i, a world leading venture capital and private equity company, has led a global VC syndicate, investing $20m via a Series C financing round in Netronome Systems Inc, a company that aims to transform the speed and efficiency of network appliances using its unique Open ApplianceTM platform.

Network appliances for security products, and WAN and LAN application optimization functions are a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar segment of the network equipment market, and Netronome's Open Appliance platform addresses the need of these vendors by combining hardware co-processors and software allowing "appliance" vendors to scale their platforms significantly in performance whilst reducing power consumption. The Open Appliance platform also supports virtualization of appliances, allowing appliance users to consolidate platforms and optimally configure appliance functions in data centers. The Open ApplianceTM platform achieves this without affecting performance.

"Netronome's approach to the problem of speed and power consumption of platforms running network applications is highly distinctive and has significant impact for customers; we're really excited about the vision and global potential for Netronome's products, explained Ian Lobley, Senior Partner, 3i.

With 3i's investment, Ian Lobley and Krishna Visvanathan of 3i and Rob Broggi of Tudor Investment Corporation join the Netronome board.

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