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Basic Conditions:

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  • You must be able to demonstrate that your firm has a track record of representing enterprise software companies or venture capital investors (ie. you must have active clients in this area)
  • You must be able to secure at least 2 references from software industry marketing executives, CEOs, or investors, verifying the quality of your services
  • You must be willing to accept clients on a NATIONAL basis (ie. if you restrict your practice to clients in the Bay Area or Boston, you are not eligible.)

The select firms named to our Top 10 list will receive:

  • A dedicated profile page on your firm that will be listed until December 31, 2007 and marketed to our readers every month until then;
  • A feature article about your firm (profiling your CEO or one of your Managing Partners in an interview conducted by Angel Mehta), in one edition of the Sterling Report before the end of the year;
  • Link to your site under the header, 'The Sterling Report recommends these PR firms for Software Companies';
  • Ability to offer one of your software-industry clients featured in either the “CEO Spotlight” column, or have a by-line / article placed in the journal before year end;

The basic support / hosting fee for your listing is $179.50 / month, February - December, 2007 (payable in advance via credit card). The benefits are straightforward: your firm will be recommended to 100,000+ executives in the enterprise software industry, thousands of which are entrepreneurs or VPs of Marketing seeking assistance in the areas of PR or Marketing Communications.

Click here if you are interested in applying or learning more.


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The New CIO Leader: Setting the Agenda and Delivering Results – By Marianne Broadbent, Ellen Kitzis
As information technology becomes increasingly essential within organizations, the reputation and role of the CIO has been diminishing To regain credibility and avoid obscurity, CIOs must take on a larger, more strategic role.

The 360 Degree Leader : Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization – By John C. Maxwell
In his nearly thirty years of teaching leadership, John Maxwell has encountered this question again and again: How do I apply leadership principles if I'm not the boss? It's a valid question that Maxwell answers in The 360 Degree Leader.

The One Thing You Need to Know : ... About Great Managing, Great Leading, and Sustained Individual Success – By Marcus Buckingham
A veteran researcher and consultant gives a superb lesson on how to thrive in any organizational role. The "one thing" is a brilliant distillation of years of management theory and the author's own insights about human nature.

The Sterling Report is a monthly journal for the enterprise software industry with over 100,000 readers - primarily CEOs, VP-level sales & marketing executives, and venture capital investors.

Since we are regularly bombarded with requests from Software CEOs and Entrepreneurs to recommend experts in various areas (such as PR Firms, Legal Counsels, etc.), we will be creating a list of recommendations in each category, and feature them on in The Sterling Report.

To qualify for The Sterling Report's list of recommended PR firms, there are some basic conditions. Click here

CEO Spotlight: Interview with Peter Harrison, GlobalLogic Inc

He fell in love with software over 20 years ago and is still going strong. The Sterling Report interviews Peter Harrison, CEO of Global Logic, who believes in the importance of communication and creating a vibrant corporate culture. He talks about his global outlook and working across cultures and distance.

SharePoint’s Business Value: What is SharePoint’s Return on Investment

By Errin O’Connor, Founder & CEO, EPC Group

Whether your organization already has an existing SharePoint implementation in place, or you are pursuing a new implementation, the overall strategy of a successful SharePoint 2007 deployment needs to be approached in a very unique manner.


Leadership – Are You Giving Back

By Rick Johnson, Founder, CEO Strategist, LLC

We often talk about coaching and mentoring being key ingredients to effective leadership. Two thoughts come to my mind every time I hear the words – coach & mentor. My first thought is that it is very rare for any organization to provide actual training on how to coach or mentor employees. It is often left up to the individual as a leader to figure that out. My second thought is the realization that most of our actions toward our employees come naturally as a result of the kind of leadership model we have personally created.

Secrets from the Farm: On Fear, Honor, and Building Companies

By Angel Mehta, Managing Director, Sterling-Hoffman Executive Search

An act of betrayal years ago eventually led Angel Mehta to a ranch in Kansas City, where he hoped to persuade a wealthy yet mysterious business guru-turned-farmer to invest in a new startup. Instead of financing, the farmer offered a series of paradoxical insights about the secret to building great companies – relevant to every CEO, entrepreneur, or executive that has ever struggled with fear or obsession.

Will the next set of leading software vendors come from the U.S. or overseas?

Foreign companies

Foreign companies transplanted in the U.S.

US companies

Silicon Valley CEO Failure: Seven CEO Lessons for 2006
By Steve Martin, Author, "The Real Story of Informix Software"

Silicon Valley is littered with far more failure than success. At first glance, you wouldn't think former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and ex-Informix Software CEO Phil White have much in common. However, there are striking similarities between these infamous Silicon Valley leaders and their failures provide seven important lessons for software CEOs for the new year.

Corporate IT Security Resources are Wasted!
By Al Payne and Jim Litchko, Internet Security Experts

Thirty percent IT Security resources are wasted, because of the inappropriate approaches that are used to review a corporations IT security needs and the misunderstanding of the roles and responsibilities are for each of the key players: executives, IT managers and IT security professionals. Effective IT security programs are achieved when the IT manager is open, honest, motivated and realistic about their IT security status.

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